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More proof Paul campaign endorses hijacking GOP


For those falling for Ron Paul’s coy act about what his supporters are up to, this is from his official campaign site blog, Daily Dose, and Campaign Manager Lew Moore, Field Director Adam de Angeli and Field Director Debbie Hopper.

The National Delegates Will Decide — And We Can Take the Delegates
Can Ron Paul win? Is the battle for the Republican nomination over? Field Coordinator Adam de Angeli provides the answers in this important message, which he asked me to pass along:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
-Peter F. Drucker

Hello Precinct Leaders,

On Tuesday we taped a video featuring campaign manager Lew Moore and national field director Debbie Hopper. The video is available on YouTube. In the video, Lew answers questions submitted by supporters, and Debbie discusses the importance of the Precinct Leader program. Debbie also announces the “Ring for Ron” program, which will be released in the next few days. This improved system will replace our “call a voter in a state with an upcoming election” program within the Precinct Leader system. It will have specific messages targeted for each state, and a far better phone list of identified Ron Paul supporters that we must ensure will vote on their election/caucus date. You will not need to be a registered Precinct Leader to take part in this program, and supporters will be given a particular state to call (as opposed to the program now, where each call goes to a random state within a specified range).

The points that Lew and Debbie emphasize in the video are precisely those we need to focus on right now: turning out at the conventions to win delegates, identifying as many Ron Paul supporters as we can, and keeping our movement together in the face of discouraging results. The Precinct Leader program is our armory: this is our database of volunteers, of supporters, of coordinators, and of results.

Regardless of the mainstream media’s interpretation of recent events, Ron Paul is determined to stay in the presidential race. Dr. Paul must defeat his Congressional opponent in the March 4 primary and must campaign in his district for the time being, but in the meantime there is still much we can do to win Dr. Paul delegates to the Republican National Convention. Although we are well into the primary season, no primary and no caucus, not even in sum, determines the nominee. The nominee is decided at the National Convention, by the delegates chosen from state conventions, from those chosen from district and county conventions. It is tempting to assume the race a “lost cause” and abandon it for simpler pursuits, but there are two very important reasons not to: because the assumption is false, and because the assumption debilitates our movement.

Given poll results, media coverage, and the like, it may be hard to believe that Dr. Paul can still win the nomination. But you must understand that the nomination process is not a fixed procedure governed by the Law of the Primary; the Republican Party is a private organization, free to change its rules at any time. It may not be customary, but it certainly cane be done.

If we turn out for the county conventions as we turned out in the streets, we will decide who goes to the state convention. Likewise, a strong turnout at a state convention gives us the ability not only to elect national delegates but to change the state party rules—to unbind the national delegates, for example. It might be a long shot, but this is no different from two months ago.

A great number of disgusted patriots in the Republican Party will not suffer a nominee who refuses to defend the right to bear arms and to acknowledge the need for a strong border. And deep down, they know that every empire is a setting sun. If we don’t show up at the conventions, we’ll be forgotten. But if we turn out, if we prove where the future of the party lies, other Republicans will first accept and soon believe in us.

The only obstacle, then, is our own determination and confidence. This is why the “we cannot win” attitude is so debilitating.

In Washtenaw county, Michigan, every Ron Paul supporter who showed up to the county convention–including people who had not even been registered members of the Republican Party—was elected as a delegate to the state convention. At a county convention in Alaska, Ron Paul supporters comprised the majority of delegates in attendance, and they not only elected themselves to the state convention, they dramatically altered the local party’s statement of principles and other rules.

If enough of us believe in our movement and stay with it, we will triumph. Now is the time to act. Call your state party, get the deadline for filing to be a national delegate, get the date of the county conventions, learn the rules, and rally your troops. This is our Valley Forge, where the citizen patriots who stay in the fight will emerge well-trained political soldiers.

Any substantial number of Ron Paul delegates to the national convention will advance our cause of restoring the Republican Party, and thus the Republic itself. This restoration is not only desirable, but desperately needed. Scattering ourselves over an assortment of alternative parties, interest groups, and grassroots organizations will not work. We derive strength from unity. And to put it bluntly, we have well-financed enemies who aren’t above posing as friends. Beware the dividers.

So stay with us, keep fighting, and remember, the future is unwritten!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

We might have to do this despite Ron Paul.He has to behave to the GOP Party line, we don't.
The proof is you reading the election process. Popular votes in truth dont matter, its the delegates votes that count.
Today in Saint Charles County Missouri, the largest Republican County caucus in the state 111 of a possible 137 Delegates were elected for Ron Paul. The St. Charles Caucus was a landslide turnout for Ron Paul. The Republican Platform was amended to oppose the Patriot Act, The Iraq war, the Federal Reserve, Fiat Currency, the Global American Empire, the income Tax, Estate Tax, McCain Fiengold, the National ID Card, The Real ID Act of 2005 and much much more. This is a prime example.
you do not understand the process. Getting people to cast the vote in states is one thing, but the delegates are what count and they are not necessarily holding allegiance to McCain. Before you laugh, go get an education you silly little man.
its not that we are stealing. Its the election has already been stolen through VOTE RIGGING. Also we don't need to steal the rep seat. McCain has so much dirt on him he will be laughed out of the republican party. John McCain stands about a snow balls chance in hell of winning.
Also there won't be another oportunity to save this country if we don't do something drastic NOW.
Yes we will.You can be sure about that.We will bring down the Neocons.
We are following the rules of the GOP in whatever we do. It's legal and moral by all means.
UTAH CAUCUSES Tuesday March 25th 7pmIf you are a republican in Utah find out where your caucus will be and become a delegate. The vote in Feb did not pick delegates.
I am a Ron Paul Delegate. At my convention there were 20 slots open for delegates. Only 5 people showed up and all were Ron Paul supporters. That gave us all 20 slots because we each get 4 votes at county convention. Thats all it takes people.
We picked up a fair number of county delegates in Kentucky. Let's keep going as hard as we can and see what happens! :)
My friends have plans. My enemies have plans. That's obvious. My friends' plans are loyalty to America and its constitution. On that basis, Paul is the man. My enemies' plan is: discourage people from having HOPE in Paul, so that even though that have faith in America, they will vote a 'lesser of two evils'. That is my ENEMIES' plan, that I should ABANDON HOPE, and vote for the least evil enemy. My answer: No. I will not abandon hope and loyalty, and FOLLOW THE PLAN OF MY ENEMY
No, actually many of the delegates actually can't stand McCain. Fact. they would prefer someone else. McCain has A LOT of enemies in the party.
Freedom is worth the try.
ALL delegates can decide to switch their votes to the only real conservative candidate
We stand a good chance of having RP delegates from Montana dominate our state convention. Romney took the caucus, but now that he's dropped out RP's second place win puts him in first place in Montana. We intend to make RP heard at the convention.
Become a delegate for Ron Paul! It is the only way he will win.
shane - go to the links he said to go to and read them. he is absolutely correct. delegates CONTROL the process.
dr. paul CAN win if all delegates and soon to be delegates know the rnc stuff inside out and roberts rules of order. that's how we win! and we will.
excellent info and educating all now and future delegates we WILL win this!
RON PAUL WILL WIN 2008 presidential! Its up to us.
Agree the delegation process is the key to win the nomination for RP in September.
Get Ron Paul Nominated by:Become a delegate (of Other candidates, or if u r already delegate of other candidates),Vote for Ron Paul in the Convention in November!Because Ron Paul delegates are being restricted to vote!That is how we bypass this type of bias and illegal filtering!Read ronpaulchat(.)net/drpaulwillwin(.)htmlAct now before its too late!
Republican convention is September, not November. Elect delgates for Ron Paul. Any registered voter can be delegate. Pleasse, be a delegate candidate.

Potential candidates should be aware that these pledges have no legal standing and each delegate can vote for whomever they wish. Delegates can also just not go to the convention if they are not happy with the results of the primary. There are alternate delegate positions just to handle that.

03-13-2008, 09:59 PM

Senior Member

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Ah... So flooding every county convention would help getting state delegates for Paul... But what about national delegates for the convention?I hope the people don't reveal they're Paul supporters in their speeches. Something like, "I support the GOP platform" or "I just don't want a Democrat in office" would be much better.

Comment from "Rich" on MySpace

Apr 14 2008 8:55 AM

John McCain only has 814 delegates committed on the 1st ballot and only 156 more delegate positions remain up for grabs in which 74 will come from Pennsylvania. The Revolution has just begun here in Pennsylvania.

Missourinet: Republicans warn about Ron Paul supporters crashing caucuses

Friday, March 14, 2008, 6:33 PM
By Steve Walsh
Missouri Republicans hold county and local caucuses Saturday - and party leadership is warning about rumors regarding followers of former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul.
Rumors are the Paul followers plan to flood the caucuses and will try to overturn the already established rules regarding how Missouri's delegation will vote at the National Convention in St. Paul this summer. Missouri Republican Party Executive Director Jared Craighead says this is only a rumor, but it's important to get out the word that Missouri's delegates are committed to John McCain.
Craighead says it's unfortunate that there appears to be a campaign underway to give misinformation to those attending caucuses that delegates elected at the congressional district level will be able to change the rules regarding the voting for the presidential nominee. Craighead makes it clear Missouri's delegates are bound to support the winner of the February 5th Presidential Primary - and that was Senator John McCain.

Debbie Hopper at the Philly Rally

"We Only Have One Shot At This!" - Debbie Hopper, RPCC Assistant Campaign Manager

Debbie Hopper at the Philly Rally

"We Only Have One Shot At This!" - Debbie Hopper, RPCC Assistant Campaign Manager

Approved by the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee: Jeff Greenspan, Regional Coordinator What is a delegate?
reddit_title='Become a Delegate or Ron Paul will Not be President'
digg_url = '';
The only way for Ron Paul to become President is if he gets the GOP nomination; The only way for Ron Paul to get the GOP nomination is if we become delegates. As delegates, we'll be voting to pick the GOP nominee just like the electors in the electoral college vote to pick the President; Delegates determine and decide who the GOP nominee is—it's that critical! There hasn't been a brokered convention for more than 60 years! And the good news is that Ron Paul doesn't have to win a single state to get the GOP nomination; He just needs to win the delegates! So your delegate vote will count that much more; In other words, Ron Paul can secure the GOP nomination with your vote!You typically start at your precinct (district) convention as a delegate and work your way up to state, and finally, the RNC; But it may even be as easy as calling your Secretary of State Elections Division, signing some forms and getting signatures! Ron Paul supporters will walk through rain, snow, ice, fire, hazardous waste for this revolution so performing the aforementioned will be a cakewalk. The GOP nomination will ultimately be decided at the Republican National Convention which will take place in St. Paul, Minnesota. September 1-4, 2008. Please watch the video below and peruse the instructions on how to become a delegate for Ron Paul. Afterwards, get together with your family, friends, local Meetup groups ( to discuss and organize how to flood your conventions with Ron Paul delegates.

If we don't become delegates, then Ron Paul will not get the GOP nomination. If Ron Paul doesn't get the GOP nomination, then the Ron Paul Revolution is OVER. Don't let this happen: Become a Delegate!

Friday, April 11, 2008

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Delegation Update why we need keep building
By jtucker70 April 11, 2008

I have received alot email why I am stressing so much for everyone get a delegate position or alternate.
Well the primary’s are not over for one and McCain is just presumptive nominee. I cant stress that enough. Has of right now McCain only has 814 Delegates Bound to him on first ballot, only 364 Bound on second Ballot and 187 Bound to third ballot. There are about 156 more delegates in remaining primary’s.
I don’t know where MSM gets their numbers but they also show Ron Paul with only 14 delegates. Which is way incorrect. Has about 48 Bound Delegates and about 596 delegates been chossen for National Convention that say they are Ron Paul supporters.
Has we take over conventions we have big voice in National Convention and we could really win it their……Along the way putting in our platform.
And if we could force a fourth Ballot it would really say something that we have a voice. Its just hard for me to imagine that Ron Paul wins majority straw polls and big slide in CD14 and yet media spins he has no support.
I just want mention all those that say hey but people voted and they want McCain.
Rember alot the states Ron Paul did poor in allowed Dem’s and others to vote not to mention hacking of voting machines the changing of the rules after Ron Paul won LA. to give it to Huckabee/McCain.
I just think its so important that we try with all our efforts to be delegates and alternates and find the delegates and get them to vote our way and if we are a bound delegate option to be uncommitted so free vote whom ever also it was proposed to request to not pledge the delegates in Texas has just saying there no need since McCain is presumptive Nominee thats a another good position. Just doing anything to stop McCain getting 1191 votes.
Anyone wanting information on rules or application for national Delegate contact me at
Reference 2008 Presidential RNC Voting Results,RNC copy of all States Election rules delegation allotment’s.

James Tucker
Please repost to any media that get us going stronger


Jo Says: April 11th, 2008 at 3:55 pm
JAMES TUCKER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! I think you are right on everything, except there are more delegates still available than you mentioned. I will post a list of all the remaining states that there are and how many delegates each state has to it…

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ron Paul ignores voters, plans to steal convention…

Posted by Timothy Watson on February 13, 2008
From Brian R. Gentry of the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee:

Fellow patriots, this battle is far from being over. In fact, it has just begun. Last night was nothing more than a “beauty pageant.” Getting delegates is what counts.
Yes, of course, If I only receive 22,673 votes out of 474,610 (4.77%) votes, I would call it a “beauty pageant” as well.
It’s amazing that he’s candid about how he feels about Republican voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Over the next couple of months local Republican Unit Committees around the state
will hold “canvasses” or “mass meetings” in order to elect delegates to attend
the Republican National Convention in September.
Each CD in Virginia is made up of various Republican Unit Committees. These committees will elect delegates to attend the district convention. At the district convention the delegates will select three delegates and three alternates to attend the September Republican National Convention in Minnesota.
We need to get as many Ron Paul supporters as we can to attend the Unit Committe [sic] meetings and vote for themselves and other Ron Paul supporters so they can attend the district convention — where we will then vote on our three Ron Paul supporters that paid the money to be a delegate to the national convention.
This is our chance to TAKE OVER the Republican Party in Virginia and return it to its core values and strict adherence to the Constitution.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Jawa Report

March 05, 2008
GOP Precinct Convention Packed with Ron Paul Truthers
Went to my first GOP precinct convention last night. I think I was one of 3 attendees who wasn't a dyed-in-the-wool Ron Paul truther.
Tried to talk some sense to them, but it was to no avail...
The precinct convention passed resolutions calling for a new round of congressional hearings on "the truth about September 11," an immediate end to our military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan (and everywhere else in the world) and abolition of the Federal Reserve.
They also elected a hardcore Ron Paul truther to be our precinct's delegate to the state convention.

No word yet on whether this was an isolated thing or a broader phenomenon.
Fun stuff...

From the comments section:

Similar thing happened in my area. (Gregg County Texas) When I got there, one lady saw me coming in and asked if I was there to caucus. She told me that there wasn't a Republican caucus in this location. I am glad I didn't listen to her, unfortunately others may have. When I got in, guess what, she was with a group of 5, very loud Paul supporters (three others of us were not Paul supporters).. they pretty much dominated the entire event and quickly voted one of their own as chair. That person pretty much moved everything to a quck vote, including a party resolution condemning the Iraq war, to stop the war on drugs, to eliminate the IRS, and to condemn the TTC (they didn't care Paul earmarked money for it.) It was a five minute waste of time. From what I've heard, other areas had the same issue. A couple of Paul supporters in each dominating the whole process. Luckily McCain has over 50% of the popular. Reading DailyPaul and RonPaulForums, they are trying to still win the nomination by stacking the conventions. They are acting like brownshirt leftists. They don't care that 95% of voters reject them, they somehow feel obligated to the nomination.MatthewN 03.05.08 - 10:36 am

wasn't isolated....except for the 911 stuff, we paul supporters TOOK over our precinct convention in austin....ended up passing a bunch of resolutions that are part of his standard, no acts of war without declaring war, etc.aaron 03.05.08 - 10:23 am

honestly, don't blame other ppl for your mistake. If you had taken more time to educate yourself about the process, you should have asked a campaign official who identify the precinct judge and asked that person directly about the precinct convention directly.btw, the answer you got was not false. There is no republican caucuse in texas. It is officially termed precinct convention by the laws of texas. Don't blame a truther for following the law.JR from Texas 03.05.08 - 11:48 am

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

World Net Daily

Posted on MySpace Forum. WARNING: Foul language.

The following was posted in a thread entitled, "Ron Paul backers 'hijack' delegates Voting results disputed in Minnesota conventions----THE REVOLTION HAS JUST BEGUN!"

Posted by: Heavy Fed: Anti-Racism...not Anti-Racist!
M/39 AUSTIN, Texas
Posted: Apr 7, 2008 9:41 PM
Ron Paul supporters have infiltrated the delegate process... just as planed... ALL over the United States!Shit is GOING to hit the fan... and soon.His book The Revolution: A Manifesto comes out on April 15th... TAX DAY!It’s going to be the number one best seller!HUGE PUBLICITY!This is ALL preplanned... the Anti-Paul’s just THOUGHT they killed him!LOL

Heavy Fed: Anti-Racism...not Anti-Racist!
M/39 AUSTIN, Texas
Posted: Apr 7, 2008 10:15 PM

The CINC wrote:There is no way on God’s green Earth he is going to win the GOP
nomination. Even if McCain were to somehow dissappear (which he won’t as he
requested secret service protection as of late) he would still have to deal with
Mitt Romney continuing his campaign and possibly Guliani jumping back into the
race. This wouldn’t be good for the GOP as they would be in more of a mess than
the Democrats as the fighting between Clinton and Obama continues.If RP
seriously wants to remain in the POTUS race, he has to leave the GOP.
It’s call the Ron Paul REVOLUTION... now why in the hell do you think they would call it a REVOLUTION... if the were not ACTUALLY going to be some kind of revolution?Ron Paul supporters are FAR more active than ANY McCain supporters... the plan all along was to infiltrate the delegate process.I am sure there are MORE plans as well.

Blogmaster: I'm thinking that the last statement probably refers to the manipulation of the GOP's good Party Platform.

Monday, April 7, 2008

1st District Final Results

Final Voting Results for Delegates/Alternate Delegates/Presidential Elector from the First Congressional District Convention held on Saturday, April 5, 2008 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

National Convention Delegates elected:

1. George W. Wiland, Jr. 185, Ryan Charles Underwood 112, on the 15th round

2. Donald G. Burdick 153, Ryan Charles Underwood 129, on the 11th round

3. Cheryl Medlock 151, Ryan Charles Underwood 122, on the 10th roundNational

Convention Alternate Delegates elected:

1. Joy Pittman Mohorovicic 147, Ryan Charles Underwood 84, on the 10th round

2. Jerry Buchanan 133, Ryan Charles Underwood 51, Gary A. Casey 31, Sandra Crosnoe 30, on the 7th round

3. Nolan Jones 95, Ryan Charles Underwood 93, on the 11th round

Presidential Elector elected:

Virginia Chrisco 138, Ryan Charles Underwood 44, Lawrence A. Williamson 31, Andrew McDonald 18, Nathan Dahm 6, Jake Peters 2, Travis Dahm 1, Megan Sippel 1, on the 1st round.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oklahoma Republican District 4 Convention
Oklahoma Republican District 4 Convention Report
March 4, 2008 — cbrunette
Edited, 1:09 pm Central, see bottom

We are happy to report that the Ron Paul delegation to the Oklahoma District 4 Convention made an enormous impact this past Saturday! The main logistical reason to attend the convention is to elect delegates to the national delegation. Our district was allotted 3 spots along with 3 alternates. RP supporters were as organized as the old school members in selecting our nominees and in our voting. At the end of the day, we came out with two alternates! The best part of the process was that our county had the most RP votes. Can I get a huzzah?
For those of you new to the idea, here is how the convention worked. Each county had a proportional number of votes. If they did not have an equal number of delegates to votes, each vote was weighted either less or more. Some counties only had two or four delegates attend and had 12 or more votes. This meant that their voting power was magnified. One county had four delegates and 24 votes! If there had been just a handful of RP supporters from that one county, we could have secured at least two national delegate spots.
Still, the Rabble created quite the stir! Instead of the voting only lasting from 1 to 2:30 pm, it stretched to past 5 pm. Why? Each and every delegate vote had to be a run-off. [If one nominee did not receive 50% plus one, there was a run-off between the top two nominees for that cycle.] This continued for every delegate and alternate spot. Our chosen nominees came in second during the initial vote and for the run-offs. So close!
So how did we do it? When we arrived at the convention, we met with a gentleman wearing an RP ball cap. He handed us a slip of paper with the names and order of the nominees. The paper also gave us directions on how to vote. We then mixed anonymously with the rest of the crowd. That simple. We also were alert to any vote order changes during the process.
One young gentleman from Oklahoma City, Dennis England, will be a name you should remember. He gave the best speech of all the nominees. I mean, almost everyone gave him a standing ovation, even the Old School! He didn’t mince words, either. Mr. England earned an alternate spot to the RNC. You can bet he will keep his mouth open the entire time.
On the downside of the event were the nauseating speeches from elected or non-elected officials. That was tiresome, to say the least. If you tracked all they said, the “real” Republican party is the following:
Not from the East or West Coast.
It was amazing to me, as a participant in the Ron Paul campaign, how so very dense the Old School is to what they should be doing and saying if they do not want the Party to die with them. I was embarrased that such thoughtless drivel should proceed from members of my political party.
Maybe their idea of the Party should die with them! Viva la Republic!!
Snippet from a fellow supporter’s e-mail:
Way to go delegates! We went to dinner with the brains behind our Convention strategy,including our new nominees, after the Convention yesterday. They said when they saw the Comanche vote come up, they all looked around in surprise. They said “Wow, who are those people?” They told us to pass on thanks to you for being there. They said we played a crucial part in the elections.
Makes me grin from ear to ear! Thanks for the links, everyone!

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3 Responses to “Oklahoma Republican District 4 Convention Report”
Joel Mann Says:
March 4, 2008 at 1:41 pm
I don’t know if I got to meet you on Saturday, but I was one of the Cleveland county RP delegates… I had soooo much fun, and watching the “Old Guard” sqirm was just too much fun. I was slated to try for delegate too, but at the last minute on Friday night, they changed up the order, so I didn’t get to try.

I was one of the ones pushing to get Dennis to the top of our “battle order” list.

Awesome! I hope you goto State as well, we need everyone we can get to show up!


cbrunette Says:
March 4, 2008 at 1:47 pm

I don’t think I had the pleasure of meeting you or anyone from the, ahem, Table in the Corner. I was wearing a black headscarf, if that seems familiar to you. My husband and I left directly afterwards.

The look on our county chairman’s face every time he came down our row to pick up our votes was priceless.

We are planning to head up to Tulsa in May. Hopefully we will have similar success and similar meet-up stratagem.


Joel Mann Says:
March 4, 2008 at 1:58 pm
Ok, I remember seeing you. We really did say “Hey, who are these Comanche county people!?” when the vote came up… you guys were sitting on the other side of the room, so we couldn’t get a good look at ya, but we were sure glad you were there. You guys made the difference in getting the 2 people elected. Without Comanche, we would have come up empty.

Kudos for Comanche!

And I can promise you that there will be even more coordination at state. Consider District our warmup and our “BS in Political Maneuvering”.

See ya in Tulsa!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Message from Concerned Okie

Subject: Ron Paul invades Oklahoma GOP

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow conservatives across the state,

I am writing to let you know what is happening to your party, the Republican Party of Oklahoma. We all know there are many things that we need to change to get back to the party that we hold so near and dear to our hearts.

However, there is a group that is unhappy with the political status of America and have chosen the wounded GOP to prey upon and invade. I use the term invade becasue that is the best definition to describe what is happening right in front of our eyes, yet we don't see it.

I am speaking of a group of supporters that support Dr Ron Paul for President. That in itself is good and admirable that they would stick with their man until he decides when to withdraw from the race. I support their support, as I am sure you all do.

The problem I am addressing is HOW they are continuing the campaign for President. I am going to let them speak for themselves with quotes taken from their blogs with all the proper links for you to verify what I am submitting to you. They are using false pretenses to get elected as delegates to the National Convention where they plan to join their friends from Michigan, Missouri and Nevada in BREAKING state law and GOP party rules to cast their vote for Ron Paul. They speak of being martyrs for the cause and will suffer arrest and or fines but AFTER they have cast their vote for Ron Paul. He received 4% of the popular vote on Feb 5th... now their plans are to use the system we have worked so hard to develop, and have fought so hard to keep ,AGAINST US! This strategy has a real POSSIBILITY for success so don't be deceived by the unethical nature or the unlawful actions or the lying and deceit required to pull it off. FOCUS ON THE END RESULT... we could be overtaken and Ron Paul could be the Republican Nominee.

Please continue to read as this will OPEN your eyes and break your heart at the same time. For a list of names of Ron Paul supporters listed on their website scroll to the end of this email... some names may surprise you.

Remember these names... just might as well print them off and take them with you... when you cast your vote for Delegate, Alternate or even Elector at your convention. They will not talk about Ron Paul or what they plan to do when makijng their speeches. This is a "stealth" campaign ... as they call it.

JUST REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE EARNED A CHANCE TO REPRESENT OKLAHOMA AT THE NATIONAL CONVENTION. Being a newbie IS NOT the proper qualification for such a public position... we don't know what they might do!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Folks, I sat back long enough. I can't sit back no longer. I have been to 2 conventions allready and have seen what these people are doing in Oklahoma. Here is the facts behind the Ron Paul people. This here is real "shock and awe". Please read. Please. This is scary and no joke. I am sorry I do not put my name on this. I have seen people almost get in to fights at the 3rd district convention because of all this and I don't want no part of that. But I gotta speak up... so here goes!!!! First here is the names of them I got off there website and meet up rooms... The Oklahoma Ron Paul supporters as copied directly from the Ron Paul webpages:
Mike Adair
Eric Albrecht (organizer)
Margie Alfonso
Clifford Alford
Graham Andersen
Nathan Anderson
Misty Anderson
Vance Armor
Fernando Arocha
Susan Ashbrook(fmr staff)
Sophonia Ashcroft
Mike Baker
Matt Ball
Denise Barr
Trish Barker
Tyler Barton
Nancy Bates
Adam Bates
Bob Batterbee
Nicole Bauske
Tanner Beers
Steven Beeson
Ronald Belinski
Ruth Bell
Brad Belyeu
Cullen Bieger
Robert Biegler
Dean Bittman
Charles Bogue
Mary Bogue
Grace Bouziden
Donnia Bradley
Peter Brenner
Mark Brown
Bruce Buckner
Matthew Burch
Sid Burgess
Joanna Burgtorf
L.R. Burgtorf
Mikey Burnett
Charles Burris
Rick Cain
Jason Carini
Will Carson
Aric Carter
Gary Casey
Beth Casey
Greg Chalk
Mike Chambers
Aldi Chandra
Bourne Chase
Mike Chism
Dennis Clagg
Laura Clarbour
Tina Clark
Craig Cochran
Bob Coffey
Justin Cole
Lukus Collins
David Conrad
David Cook
Brandon Cook
Ryan Corrick
Larry Cotton
Sandra Crosnoe (Wants to be a National Delegate)
Duane Crumbacher
Mandie Davis
Terri Davis
Porter Davis
Meg Davis
Craig Dawkins
Johnny Daxon
Trannon Demuth
John Dexter
Dustin Dollar
Bob Donohoo (Leader)
Gregg Doolittle
Bob Dudley
Charles Egan
Nick Elliott
Diane Engel
Dennis England
Bryan English
Scott Esk
John Eyman
John Fanning
Stephen Farley
Steven Faulkenberry
Jennifer Fischer
Justin Ford
Jamie Frejo
Joel Garringer
Gregory Gay
Sharon Gheen
Kathy Gibb
Blake Gibb
Tim Gibbs
Josh Glazebrook
Mysti Gold
Heather Graham
Shar Grant
Kevin Greer
Jared Gregersen
Kara Gregersen
Eddie Grooms
Frank Grove (organizer)
Dr. Robert Groves
Matt Hair
Taylor Hale
Terry Hardman
Randy Harris
Diana Havens
Andrew Hayes
an Helm
Jason Herr
Daniel Hensch
Erick Holzhausen
Liz Hood
Steven Hopkins
Marci Horne
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Did you hear about Oklahoma?Posted February 25th, 2008 by TexaslovesRonPaul At the Oklahoma district conventions this weekend:In Oklahoma County, where Oklahoma City resides, where Ron Paul took 4% of the popular vote, Ron Paul delegates flooded the conventions in enough numbers to add a platform plank calling for therepeal of the PATRIOT Act. I thought this is pretty darn awesome and just proves that popular vote means nothing. Sorry if this was posted and I missed it.WOWOn February 25th, 2008 yardworksltd says:Great job. It goes to show what can be done if we are involved and become delegates. We can win this thing so to everyone, become a precinct leader and become a delegate. We can shock the nation. while everyone is at home watching dancing with the stars we will be packing the caucuses and becoming delegates. Lets end the republican party as it was once known.. Great Job· Login or register to post comments We had county conventions in Nevada today. In my little county, Storey,we were able to elect 9 delegates to the state convention. At least 7 are SOLID Ron Paul. Not sure about the other two. It was hard getting our resolutions on the planks as we didn't want to "show our hand" before we were elected delegates, so we let all the same old stuff go on the planks rather than No War, No IRS, No Federal Reserve, No Fiat Money, etc. But it was worth it in the end to get so many delegates to the state. We were definitely stealth.
-----Original Message-----From: Joe Frazier [] Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 2:40 AMTo: mutualrealtytrust@gmail.comSubject: The Next Lincoln?
*Why Ron Paul Will Win In 2008!!!* *Could Ron Paul Become The Next Abraham Lincoln???*
Do Not Give Up Hope. It is not over until the Fat Lady Sings & I have not heard a peep out of her.
A quick look at the way things are shaping up - Forget the amount of supposedly Delegates McLame has. Take a better look at the way our system works - It is not that cut & dried.
Check with your MeetUp Group or County Chairman To Become a Delegate – Do Not Mention Ron Paul until you become a delegate.
Go here for a MeetUp Group near you. Ron Paul Can Win The Republican Nomination Just Like Abraham Lincoln!!!
Posted March 14th, 2008 by Jdayh
The delegates are bound to McCain only for the first few rounds of voting at the convention. You see, the national convention is, in and of itself, an actual election. Only this time it is the only election that really matters in determining who the party's nominee will be. Some states send "bound" delegates to the convention who must vote for the candidate whogarnered the popular vote win. Those delegates must vote for that person whether or not they support him or her. Each state has different rules, but the delegates are not bound forever. If, for example, McCain fails to get 1191 of the delegates to vote for him in the first election round at the convention, some of the delegates (depending on what state you're from) are "released" and then can vote for whomever they want in round two. some are still bound and are not released until round 2 or three. I believe that after round three, however, that ALL delegates from ALL states are"released" and can vote for the candidate of their choice and it doesn't even have to be a candidate who is even running!!!
This is exactly how Abraham Lincoln was nominated. He went into the convention with virtually no delegates bound to him. The front runner at the time was a divisive figure (much like McCain is today) and was unable to garner the requisite number of delegate votes in round one. As delegates started to be released after each round, Lincoln garnered more and more votes until finally, after the 5th or 6th round, Lincoln received the requisite number of delegate votes and became the party's nominee.
Bottom line. your state's primary election results mean next to nothing in the overall nomination process.____________________________________________________________________
Read these posts from actual Ron Paul Delegates:
We only need the majority.
On March 9th, 2008 plunix says:
We only need the majority of delegates from 5 states to be put on the ballot NOT THE POPULAR VOTE OF 5 STATES and I assure you we have picked up the majority of uncommitted delegates for Dr. Paul in more than 5 states.
For clarification of that point read the rules for the Republican national convention:
(b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.
(c) The total time of the nominating speech and seconding speeches for any candidate for nomination for President of the United States or Vice President of the United States shall not exceed fifteen (15) minutes.
One delegation nominates and 4 others second the nomination.____________________________________________________________________________
Storey County's Overwhelmingly for Ron Paul!!! Posted March 16th, 2008 by ausscyn
We had county conventions in Nevada today. In my little county, Storey, we were able to elect 9 delegates to the state convention. At least 7 are SOLID Ron Paul. Not sure about the other two. It was hard getting our resolutions on the planks as we didn't want to "show our hand" before we were elected delegates, so we let all the same old stuff go on the planks rather than No War, No IRS, No Federal Reserve, No Fiat Money, etc. But it was worth it in the end to get so many delegates to the state. We were definitely stealth. I'm still waiting to hear how Washoe County (Reno) did, but it should bebetter than Clark (Las Vegas) that had super results. I'm so excited to be a state delegate along w/my husband.
I so hope we can take this in delegates & pull off a coup.____________________________________________________________________
Southwest Missouri Results Ron Paul Takes Greene County, MO. UPDATE!!!
Posted March 15th, 2008 by bedr1
Ron Paul took 72 out of 112 Delegates to the Missouri State Convention and the District Caucus from Greene County.
So far Ron Paul took the three most populated counties (Greene, St. Charles, and Jackson.) in the state, stay tuned on the rest of the state.
UPDATE: Ron Paul took the 4 most populated counties in the state. More to come................
More "Show Me State" News!!! On March 15th, 2008 Mohusk says:
I was at the Jackson County, MO. Caucus today (Kansas City - second largest metro area). We got a full slate (180) of Ron Paul Republican Delegates elected to both the District and State Conventions!!! We also passed 3 Resolutions: 1) No REAL ID (awesome!!!) 2) NO Animal Registration ID (city-folk will have to ask ranchers about this one) 3) We resolved tochange the state GOP rule, not law, that binds National Delegates from Missouri to McCain. We also amended the State GOP Platform with 14 changes to include: getting rid of Dept. of Education control of Missouri schools, resisting the NAU and SPP, and a statement that the Republican Party believes the US can only go to war with a Declaration from Congress. Now, these are only county amendments put forward to the State Convention, but hey, it's a baby step!!!
We had around 65-70% majority of members at the caucus. Many of the "old guard" left in disgust after they realized we were in control, even though we didn't even try to unseat the Chair of twenty some years as we were trying to make friends with whomever we could.
Missouri is looking pretty good so far.___________________________________________________________________
Phelps County, MO. On March 15th, 2008 SwissJ74 says:
17 out of 17 delegates are Ron Paul Supports, plus a couple of alternates.
NEW VIDEO: Ron Paul Warns of Worldwide Economic Collapse:* ***
On April 15th & June 21st there are Rallies & Marches on Washington DC & All Federal Buildings. Check out these sites: - * * * <>*
In God We Still Trust - Here In America By Diamond Rio
A must watch video - GET MAD!!!
Let Freedom Ring - March 2008

*" Keep Up The Good Fight For Freedom "* RON PAUL STILL WIN?Originally posted 3/10/08ATTENTION: Please check back often. This page changes as I get more information The answer to this question is a resounding YES and we DO have a plan to do this. The first thing that you must do is FORGET about our fraudulent voting system, this plan has NOTHING to do with the ballot box. Understand that Dr. Paul KNEW that he would be defrauded by the vote stealing machines. So now, that being said, in an electoral system that is totally rigged, what do we do?Some have suggested that Dr. Paul accept the nomination of either the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party. Others have suggested Ron Paul run as an independent. The hard core revolutionaries that are in this to WIN know that these are NOT options. We are realists and know that a third party or independent candidate has NO chance of winning. In order for us to win this election, the FIRST thing you have to do is give up these FUTILE desires. The only way for Dr. Paul to have a chance in November is to become the nominee in one of the two major parties. To the layman, this now seems virtually impossible. However, to those of us that know the DELEGATE system, we know that it is not only POSSIBLE but is an inevitability if we are able to WAKE UP Ron Paul's supporters and get just 10% of them to involved themselves in this process. We have a plan to UNBOUND the delegates in enough states to free up those delegates to vote for Dr. Paul at the convention. Now I know some folks are against "saving" the Republican Party so let me address that. I have nothing against 3rd parties. However they have been on the outside throwing rocks while the march to fascism and tyranny continues unabated. Principle over party is exactly why we should use the Republican Party to accomplish our goals. The party name doesn't matter, only it's resources and infrastructure that can help us reach our goals of freedom, peace and prosperity, that's what matters!If all you're going to do for Dr. Paul is vote and go to the march, then you might as well stay home. Dr. Paul's votes are not counted and the march will NOT be televised. Dr. Paul has stated that he is going all the way to the Republican Convention in St. Paul (interesting the city bears Dr. Paul's name for all you superstitious people out there). The reason is because he knows what his grassroots support has been working towards. Do YOU want to be a part of it?Let me explain how.There is only ONE way for Dr. Paul to win the nomination. That way is for the votes to actually be counted. The delegates to every state convention are actually counted one by one. In some cases they stand up and are counted. In other cases the votes are on paper ballots and are hand counted in full public view. This is the ONLY part of the current political process that CAN NOT BE DEFRAUDED! So, lets lay it out REALLY simple. How can YOU become a delegate? FIRST thing you need to do right NOW is to call your local county GOP, pay up your dues ($25/yr for me), and tell them that you want to become a delegate. Tell them that the reason you want to is because you don't want to see either Hillary or Obama as your president. The last thing you want to do is mention Dr. Paul. If you have to LIE, tell them you support McCain, then if you make it to state just say you changed your mind! Be cordial, and ask also if there is any way you can help or volunteer. My last meetup group was VERY informative. It was explained to me that the GOP is just a SHELL of itself. The APATHY of the voting process in many states has taken it's toll on the Republican Party. What this means is that voter apathy, while once thought of as our biggest obstacle, is now our ACE IN THE HOLE my fellow revolutionaries! We can TAKE OVER the Republican Party, quite easily, and UN-BIND the delegates in our respective states (this is one of the policies that delegates vote on) and nominate Dr. Paul at the Republican National Convention!So those of you that are in a meetup group and HAVEN'T heard about this. Please let them know. If you aren't in a meetup group then JOIN ONE NOW! For example, in my local county GOP there are only 8 members. In my local meetup group we have 24 steadfast attendees every week! DO THE MATH. This is the case in MANY different states and counties. So stop thinking about what doesn't work and how corrupt the voting system is. Let's take the opportunity to SIEZE this ONE loophole in the totally RIGGED political process. Stand up and BE COUNTED (literally). If you have any questions please submit below and I'll do my best to update this as needed in order to explain this process better. Please sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter to get very important updates in this revolution. United we stand! So lets stick together people, and God willing I will see you all at the INAUGURATION!Ready To Get Involved? - Ron Paul Delegates National Alliance Meetup GroupCHAT • POST A QUESTION • SUGGESTED PLATFORM AMENDMENTSThis page must go VIRAL so please digg it, comment and bump this thread right away! Here's some great supplemental information:The Revolution In ColoradoThe Revolution In VirginiaThis Is How We Will WinOpen GOP ConventionEagle Marketing GroupQ. Is it true that even bound delegates can vote for who they want?A. Yes it is true. They are not bound by party rules not law only. This is known as a "delegate revolt." They would then be wide open to a civil lawsuit from the republican party, some feel that the future of this country and their children's future is worth the risk of voting for someone other than who they are bound to vote for, and some don't have much to lose!Q. Is this worth doing in states where delegates are already picked?A. In many states there is the misconception that since the primary has already been held the delegates have been already picked. Please do not confuse the primary elections with the process of picking delegates. Delegates are chosen weeks or months after the candidates have won or lost their primary states. ALSO, even if the delegates HAVE already been picked, we need to FLOOD the GOP with as many Ron Paul supporters as we can possibly muster to have as much influence in one of the two major parties (the Republican Party) as we can, so DO IT TODAY!

"...we DO have a plan to do this." "...this plan has NOTHING to do with the ballot box."

"CAN RON PAUL STILL WIN?Originally posted 3/10/08
ATTENTION: Please check back often. This page changes as I get more information
The answer to this question is a resounding YES and we DO have a plan to do this. The first thing that you must do is FORGET about our fraudulent voting system, this plan has NOTHING to do with the ballot box."


(Much MORE to come!)