Monday, April 14, 2008

We might have to do this despite Ron Paul.He has to behave to the GOP Party line, we don't.
The proof is you reading the election process. Popular votes in truth dont matter, its the delegates votes that count.
Today in Saint Charles County Missouri, the largest Republican County caucus in the state 111 of a possible 137 Delegates were elected for Ron Paul. The St. Charles Caucus was a landslide turnout for Ron Paul. The Republican Platform was amended to oppose the Patriot Act, The Iraq war, the Federal Reserve, Fiat Currency, the Global American Empire, the income Tax, Estate Tax, McCain Fiengold, the National ID Card, The Real ID Act of 2005 and much much more. This is a prime example.
you do not understand the process. Getting people to cast the vote in states is one thing, but the delegates are what count and they are not necessarily holding allegiance to McCain. Before you laugh, go get an education you silly little man.
its not that we are stealing. Its the election has already been stolen through VOTE RIGGING. Also we don't need to steal the rep seat. McCain has so much dirt on him he will be laughed out of the republican party. John McCain stands about a snow balls chance in hell of winning.
Also there won't be another oportunity to save this country if we don't do something drastic NOW.
Yes we will.You can be sure about that.We will bring down the Neocons.
We are following the rules of the GOP in whatever we do. It's legal and moral by all means.
UTAH CAUCUSES Tuesday March 25th 7pmIf you are a republican in Utah find out where your caucus will be and become a delegate. The vote in Feb did not pick delegates.
I am a Ron Paul Delegate. At my convention there were 20 slots open for delegates. Only 5 people showed up and all were Ron Paul supporters. That gave us all 20 slots because we each get 4 votes at county convention. Thats all it takes people.
We picked up a fair number of county delegates in Kentucky. Let's keep going as hard as we can and see what happens! :)
My friends have plans. My enemies have plans. That's obvious. My friends' plans are loyalty to America and its constitution. On that basis, Paul is the man. My enemies' plan is: discourage people from having HOPE in Paul, so that even though that have faith in America, they will vote a 'lesser of two evils'. That is my ENEMIES' plan, that I should ABANDON HOPE, and vote for the least evil enemy. My answer: No. I will not abandon hope and loyalty, and FOLLOW THE PLAN OF MY ENEMY
No, actually many of the delegates actually can't stand McCain. Fact. they would prefer someone else. McCain has A LOT of enemies in the party.
Freedom is worth the try.
ALL delegates can decide to switch their votes to the only real conservative candidate
We stand a good chance of having RP delegates from Montana dominate our state convention. Romney took the caucus, but now that he's dropped out RP's second place win puts him in first place in Montana. We intend to make RP heard at the convention.
Become a delegate for Ron Paul! It is the only way he will win.
shane - go to the links he said to go to and read them. he is absolutely correct. delegates CONTROL the process.
dr. paul CAN win if all delegates and soon to be delegates know the rnc stuff inside out and roberts rules of order. that's how we win! and we will.
excellent info and educating all now and future delegates we WILL win this!
RON PAUL WILL WIN 2008 presidential! Its up to us.
Agree the delegation process is the key to win the nomination for RP in September.
Get Ron Paul Nominated by:Become a delegate (of Other candidates, or if u r already delegate of other candidates),Vote for Ron Paul in the Convention in November!Because Ron Paul delegates are being restricted to vote!That is how we bypass this type of bias and illegal filtering!Read ronpaulchat(.)net/drpaulwillwin(.)htmlAct now before its too late!
Republican convention is September, not November. Elect delgates for Ron Paul. Any registered voter can be delegate. Pleasse, be a delegate candidate.

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