Thursday, April 3, 2008

Message from Concerned Okie

Subject: Ron Paul invades Oklahoma GOP

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow conservatives across the state,

I am writing to let you know what is happening to your party, the Republican Party of Oklahoma. We all know there are many things that we need to change to get back to the party that we hold so near and dear to our hearts.

However, there is a group that is unhappy with the political status of America and have chosen the wounded GOP to prey upon and invade. I use the term invade becasue that is the best definition to describe what is happening right in front of our eyes, yet we don't see it.

I am speaking of a group of supporters that support Dr Ron Paul for President. That in itself is good and admirable that they would stick with their man until he decides when to withdraw from the race. I support their support, as I am sure you all do.

The problem I am addressing is HOW they are continuing the campaign for President. I am going to let them speak for themselves with quotes taken from their blogs with all the proper links for you to verify what I am submitting to you. They are using false pretenses to get elected as delegates to the National Convention where they plan to join their friends from Michigan, Missouri and Nevada in BREAKING state law and GOP party rules to cast their vote for Ron Paul. They speak of being martyrs for the cause and will suffer arrest and or fines but AFTER they have cast their vote for Ron Paul. He received 4% of the popular vote on Feb 5th... now their plans are to use the system we have worked so hard to develop, and have fought so hard to keep ,AGAINST US! This strategy has a real POSSIBILITY for success so don't be deceived by the unethical nature or the unlawful actions or the lying and deceit required to pull it off. FOCUS ON THE END RESULT... we could be overtaken and Ron Paul could be the Republican Nominee.

Please continue to read as this will OPEN your eyes and break your heart at the same time. For a list of names of Ron Paul supporters listed on their website scroll to the end of this email... some names may surprise you.

Remember these names... just might as well print them off and take them with you... when you cast your vote for Delegate, Alternate or even Elector at your convention. They will not talk about Ron Paul or what they plan to do when makijng their speeches. This is a "stealth" campaign ... as they call it.

JUST REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE EARNED A CHANCE TO REPRESENT OKLAHOMA AT THE NATIONAL CONVENTION. Being a newbie IS NOT the proper qualification for such a public position... we don't know what they might do!!!

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