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Folks, I sat back long enough. I can't sit back no longer. I have been to 2 conventions allready and have seen what these people are doing in Oklahoma. Here is the facts behind the Ron Paul people. This here is real "shock and awe". Please read. Please. This is scary and no joke. I am sorry I do not put my name on this. I have seen people almost get in to fights at the 3rd district convention because of all this and I don't want no part of that. But I gotta speak up... so here goes!!!! First here is the names of them I got off there website and meet up rooms... The Oklahoma Ron Paul supporters as copied directly from the Ron Paul webpages:
Mike Adair
Eric Albrecht (organizer)
Margie Alfonso
Clifford Alford
Graham Andersen
Nathan Anderson
Misty Anderson
Vance Armor
Fernando Arocha
Susan Ashbrook(fmr staff)
Sophonia Ashcroft
Mike Baker
Matt Ball
Denise Barr
Trish Barker
Tyler Barton
Nancy Bates
Adam Bates
Bob Batterbee
Nicole Bauske
Tanner Beers
Steven Beeson
Ronald Belinski
Ruth Bell
Brad Belyeu
Cullen Bieger
Robert Biegler
Dean Bittman
Charles Bogue
Mary Bogue
Grace Bouziden
Donnia Bradley
Peter Brenner
Mark Brown
Bruce Buckner
Matthew Burch
Sid Burgess
Joanna Burgtorf
L.R. Burgtorf
Mikey Burnett
Charles Burris
Rick Cain
Jason Carini
Will Carson
Aric Carter
Gary Casey
Beth Casey
Greg Chalk
Mike Chambers
Aldi Chandra
Bourne Chase
Mike Chism
Dennis Clagg
Laura Clarbour
Tina Clark
Craig Cochran
Bob Coffey
Justin Cole
Lukus Collins
David Conrad
David Cook
Brandon Cook
Ryan Corrick
Larry Cotton
Sandra Crosnoe (Wants to be a National Delegate)
Duane Crumbacher
Mandie Davis
Terri Davis
Porter Davis
Meg Davis
Craig Dawkins
Johnny Daxon
Trannon Demuth
John Dexter
Dustin Dollar
Bob Donohoo (Leader)
Gregg Doolittle
Bob Dudley
Charles Egan
Nick Elliott
Diane Engel
Dennis England
Bryan English
Scott Esk
John Eyman
John Fanning
Stephen Farley
Steven Faulkenberry
Jennifer Fischer
Justin Ford
Jamie Frejo
Joel Garringer
Gregory Gay
Sharon Gheen
Kathy Gibb
Blake Gibb
Tim Gibbs
Josh Glazebrook
Mysti Gold
Heather Graham
Shar Grant
Kevin Greer
Jared Gregersen
Kara Gregersen
Eddie Grooms
Frank Grove (organizer)
Dr. Robert Groves
Matt Hair
Taylor Hale
Terry Hardman
Randy Harris
Diana Havens
Andrew Hayes
an Helm
Jason Herr
Daniel Hensch
Erick Holzhausen
Liz Hood
Steven Hopkins
Marci Horne
Gina Horsman
Timothy Huckeby
Keith Huddleston
Jesse hyde
Joel Ingram
Chris Ivanovskis
Jesse Jernigan
Chad Johnson
Larry Jones
Stephen Joy
Judy Joy
Lindsey Kanaly
Bobby Kessler
Josh Key
Jacob Key
Charles Key
Scott Kirby
Clifton Knox
Carrie Krapff
Greg Kuhn
Daniel Lapham
Kasie Layne
Bob Lee
Page Lepak
Susan Lett
Valeria Lindholm
James Lister
Lee Lively
Robert Lorrah
Kyle Loveless
Summer Loveless
Bill Lowe
Ash Lux
Marlene Lynch
Laurette Lynn
Keith Malchose
Joel Mann, Jr
Julee Mason
Mark Matthews
Michelle McCone
Andrew McDonald
Bill McDuff
Demitria McDuff
Jean McIver
Jeff McKissack
Sam McMillan
R.A. McReynolds
Marianne Merwick
Steve Michaels
Daniel Miley
Josh Miller
Mark Monhollan
Arika Moore
Nicole Moore
James Morris
Shannon Mowrer
Rep. Jason Murphey
Matt Murphy
Jeremy Mustain
Wayne Nabors
Nomen Nescio
David Nichols
Michael O'Dowd
Ryan Orcutt
Thomas Ordon
H. Orellana
Janet Pankhurst
Theresa Paralta
Kimberly Parks
Toby Pedford
Lori Pedford
Barney L. Phillips Jr
Nicole Phipps
Travis Pickett
Terry Pierce
Anthony Platt
Nathan Porter
Arete Praxis
Sonny Priest
G. Russel Pylant
Loreli Randolph
Nikhil Rao
Timothy Reather
Jim Redden
Debra Reineke
Ray Richardson
Mike Riess
Becky Roberson
Tyler Roberts
Jeff Roberts
Joe Roberts
Dan Robertson
Brad Robinson
Richard Robinson
Dennis Rodenbeck
Chad Roemer
TC Ryan
Jeremy Satterfield
Roy Sayre
Wendi Schmid
Jennifer Senn
Kirk Shelley(Campgn Mgr)
Christopher Simon
Chance Siribandan
Joshua Smart
Jason Smith
Jeff Smith
Andrew Smith
Vinny Soriano
Greg Sorrels
Nathan Stang
John Stewart
Justin Stout
Jessica Strader
Ryan Strader
Darwin Stinnett
Chris Sullens
Joe Tuttle
Ryan Underwood
James Waller
Rex Warshell
Jennifer Waters
Serenity Waters
Davin Watson
John Wells
Richard Williams
Geary Wilson
Jennifer Winningham
Andrew Winningham(Leader)
Bill Winters
Steven Wooley
Brady Wright(Leader)
Angela York
Mark Zitzow

Did you hear about Oklahoma?Posted February 25th, 2008 by TexaslovesRonPaul At the Oklahoma district conventions this weekend:In Oklahoma County, where Oklahoma City resides, where Ron Paul took 4% of the popular vote, Ron Paul delegates flooded the conventions in enough numbers to add a platform plank calling for therepeal of the PATRIOT Act. I thought this is pretty darn awesome and just proves that popular vote means nothing. Sorry if this was posted and I missed it.WOWOn February 25th, 2008 yardworksltd says:Great job. It goes to show what can be done if we are involved and become delegates. We can win this thing so to everyone, become a precinct leader and become a delegate. We can shock the nation. while everyone is at home watching dancing with the stars we will be packing the caucuses and becoming delegates. Lets end the republican party as it was once known.. Great Job· Login or register to post comments We had county conventions in Nevada today. In my little county, Storey,we were able to elect 9 delegates to the state convention. At least 7 are SOLID Ron Paul. Not sure about the other two. It was hard getting our resolutions on the planks as we didn't want to "show our hand" before we were elected delegates, so we let all the same old stuff go on the planks rather than No War, No IRS, No Federal Reserve, No Fiat Money, etc. But it was worth it in the end to get so many delegates to the state. We were definitely stealth.
-----Original Message-----From: Joe Frazier [] Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 2:40 AMTo: mutualrealtytrust@gmail.comSubject: The Next Lincoln?
*Why Ron Paul Will Win In 2008!!!* *Could Ron Paul Become The Next Abraham Lincoln???*
Do Not Give Up Hope. It is not over until the Fat Lady Sings & I have not heard a peep out of her.
A quick look at the way things are shaping up - Forget the amount of supposedly Delegates McLame has. Take a better look at the way our system works - It is not that cut & dried.
Check with your MeetUp Group or County Chairman To Become a Delegate – Do Not Mention Ron Paul until you become a delegate.
Go here for a MeetUp Group near you. Ron Paul Can Win The Republican Nomination Just Like Abraham Lincoln!!!
Posted March 14th, 2008 by Jdayh
The delegates are bound to McCain only for the first few rounds of voting at the convention. You see, the national convention is, in and of itself, an actual election. Only this time it is the only election that really matters in determining who the party's nominee will be. Some states send "bound" delegates to the convention who must vote for the candidate whogarnered the popular vote win. Those delegates must vote for that person whether or not they support him or her. Each state has different rules, but the delegates are not bound forever. If, for example, McCain fails to get 1191 of the delegates to vote for him in the first election round at the convention, some of the delegates (depending on what state you're from) are "released" and then can vote for whomever they want in round two. some are still bound and are not released until round 2 or three. I believe that after round three, however, that ALL delegates from ALL states are"released" and can vote for the candidate of their choice and it doesn't even have to be a candidate who is even running!!!
This is exactly how Abraham Lincoln was nominated. He went into the convention with virtually no delegates bound to him. The front runner at the time was a divisive figure (much like McCain is today) and was unable to garner the requisite number of delegate votes in round one. As delegates started to be released after each round, Lincoln garnered more and more votes until finally, after the 5th or 6th round, Lincoln received the requisite number of delegate votes and became the party's nominee.
Bottom line. your state's primary election results mean next to nothing in the overall nomination process.____________________________________________________________________
Read these posts from actual Ron Paul Delegates:
We only need the majority.
On March 9th, 2008 plunix says:
We only need the majority of delegates from 5 states to be put on the ballot NOT THE POPULAR VOTE OF 5 STATES and I assure you we have picked up the majority of uncommitted delegates for Dr. Paul in more than 5 states.
For clarification of that point read the rules for the Republican national convention:
(b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.
(c) The total time of the nominating speech and seconding speeches for any candidate for nomination for President of the United States or Vice President of the United States shall not exceed fifteen (15) minutes.
One delegation nominates and 4 others second the nomination.____________________________________________________________________________
Storey County's Overwhelmingly for Ron Paul!!! Posted March 16th, 2008 by ausscyn
We had county conventions in Nevada today. In my little county, Storey, we were able to elect 9 delegates to the state convention. At least 7 are SOLID Ron Paul. Not sure about the other two. It was hard getting our resolutions on the planks as we didn't want to "show our hand" before we were elected delegates, so we let all the same old stuff go on the planks rather than No War, No IRS, No Federal Reserve, No Fiat Money, etc. But it was worth it in the end to get so many delegates to the state. We were definitely stealth. I'm still waiting to hear how Washoe County (Reno) did, but it should bebetter than Clark (Las Vegas) that had super results. I'm so excited to be a state delegate along w/my husband.
I so hope we can take this in delegates & pull off a coup.____________________________________________________________________
Southwest Missouri Results Ron Paul Takes Greene County, MO. UPDATE!!!
Posted March 15th, 2008 by bedr1
Ron Paul took 72 out of 112 Delegates to the Missouri State Convention and the District Caucus from Greene County.
So far Ron Paul took the three most populated counties (Greene, St. Charles, and Jackson.) in the state, stay tuned on the rest of the state.
UPDATE: Ron Paul took the 4 most populated counties in the state. More to come................
More "Show Me State" News!!! On March 15th, 2008 Mohusk says:
I was at the Jackson County, MO. Caucus today (Kansas City - second largest metro area). We got a full slate (180) of Ron Paul Republican Delegates elected to both the District and State Conventions!!! We also passed 3 Resolutions: 1) No REAL ID (awesome!!!) 2) NO Animal Registration ID (city-folk will have to ask ranchers about this one) 3) We resolved tochange the state GOP rule, not law, that binds National Delegates from Missouri to McCain. We also amended the State GOP Platform with 14 changes to include: getting rid of Dept. of Education control of Missouri schools, resisting the NAU and SPP, and a statement that the Republican Party believes the US can only go to war with a Declaration from Congress. Now, these are only county amendments put forward to the State Convention, but hey, it's a baby step!!!
We had around 65-70% majority of members at the caucus. Many of the "old guard" left in disgust after they realized we were in control, even though we didn't even try to unseat the Chair of twenty some years as we were trying to make friends with whomever we could.
Missouri is looking pretty good so far.___________________________________________________________________
Phelps County, MO. On March 15th, 2008 SwissJ74 says:
17 out of 17 delegates are Ron Paul Supports, plus a couple of alternates.
NEW VIDEO: Ron Paul Warns of Worldwide Economic Collapse:* ***
On April 15th & June 21st there are Rallies & Marches on Washington DC & All Federal Buildings. Check out these sites: - * * * <>*
In God We Still Trust - Here In America By Diamond Rio
A must watch video - GET MAD!!!
Let Freedom Ring - March 2008

*" Keep Up The Good Fight For Freedom "* RON PAUL STILL WIN?Originally posted 3/10/08ATTENTION: Please check back often. This page changes as I get more information The answer to this question is a resounding YES and we DO have a plan to do this. The first thing that you must do is FORGET about our fraudulent voting system, this plan has NOTHING to do with the ballot box. Understand that Dr. Paul KNEW that he would be defrauded by the vote stealing machines. So now, that being said, in an electoral system that is totally rigged, what do we do?Some have suggested that Dr. Paul accept the nomination of either the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party. Others have suggested Ron Paul run as an independent. The hard core revolutionaries that are in this to WIN know that these are NOT options. We are realists and know that a third party or independent candidate has NO chance of winning. In order for us to win this election, the FIRST thing you have to do is give up these FUTILE desires. The only way for Dr. Paul to have a chance in November is to become the nominee in one of the two major parties. To the layman, this now seems virtually impossible. However, to those of us that know the DELEGATE system, we know that it is not only POSSIBLE but is an inevitability if we are able to WAKE UP Ron Paul's supporters and get just 10% of them to involved themselves in this process. We have a plan to UNBOUND the delegates in enough states to free up those delegates to vote for Dr. Paul at the convention. Now I know some folks are against "saving" the Republican Party so let me address that. I have nothing against 3rd parties. However they have been on the outside throwing rocks while the march to fascism and tyranny continues unabated. Principle over party is exactly why we should use the Republican Party to accomplish our goals. The party name doesn't matter, only it's resources and infrastructure that can help us reach our goals of freedom, peace and prosperity, that's what matters!If all you're going to do for Dr. Paul is vote and go to the march, then you might as well stay home. Dr. Paul's votes are not counted and the march will NOT be televised. Dr. Paul has stated that he is going all the way to the Republican Convention in St. Paul (interesting the city bears Dr. Paul's name for all you superstitious people out there). The reason is because he knows what his grassroots support has been working towards. Do YOU want to be a part of it?Let me explain how.There is only ONE way for Dr. Paul to win the nomination. That way is for the votes to actually be counted. The delegates to every state convention are actually counted one by one. In some cases they stand up and are counted. In other cases the votes are on paper ballots and are hand counted in full public view. This is the ONLY part of the current political process that CAN NOT BE DEFRAUDED! So, lets lay it out REALLY simple. How can YOU become a delegate? FIRST thing you need to do right NOW is to call your local county GOP, pay up your dues ($25/yr for me), and tell them that you want to become a delegate. Tell them that the reason you want to is because you don't want to see either Hillary or Obama as your president. The last thing you want to do is mention Dr. Paul. If you have to LIE, tell them you support McCain, then if you make it to state just say you changed your mind! Be cordial, and ask also if there is any way you can help or volunteer. My last meetup group was VERY informative. It was explained to me that the GOP is just a SHELL of itself. The APATHY of the voting process in many states has taken it's toll on the Republican Party. What this means is that voter apathy, while once thought of as our biggest obstacle, is now our ACE IN THE HOLE my fellow revolutionaries! We can TAKE OVER the Republican Party, quite easily, and UN-BIND the delegates in our respective states (this is one of the policies that delegates vote on) and nominate Dr. Paul at the Republican National Convention!So those of you that are in a meetup group and HAVEN'T heard about this. Please let them know. If you aren't in a meetup group then JOIN ONE NOW! For example, in my local county GOP there are only 8 members. In my local meetup group we have 24 steadfast attendees every week! DO THE MATH. This is the case in MANY different states and counties. So stop thinking about what doesn't work and how corrupt the voting system is. Let's take the opportunity to SIEZE this ONE loophole in the totally RIGGED political process. Stand up and BE COUNTED (literally). If you have any questions please submit below and I'll do my best to update this as needed in order to explain this process better. Please sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter to get very important updates in this revolution. United we stand! So lets stick together people, and God willing I will see you all at the INAUGURATION!Ready To Get Involved? - Ron Paul Delegates National Alliance Meetup GroupCHAT • POST A QUESTION • SUGGESTED PLATFORM AMENDMENTSThis page must go VIRAL so please digg it, comment and bump this thread right away! Here's some great supplemental information:The Revolution In ColoradoThe Revolution In VirginiaThis Is How We Will WinOpen GOP ConventionEagle Marketing GroupQ. Is it true that even bound delegates can vote for who they want?A. Yes it is true. They are not bound by party rules not law only. This is known as a "delegate revolt." They would then be wide open to a civil lawsuit from the republican party, some feel that the future of this country and their children's future is worth the risk of voting for someone other than who they are bound to vote for, and some don't have much to lose!Q. Is this worth doing in states where delegates are already picked?A. In many states there is the misconception that since the primary has already been held the delegates have been already picked. Please do not confuse the primary elections with the process of picking delegates. Delegates are chosen weeks or months after the candidates have won or lost their primary states. ALSO, even if the delegates HAVE already been picked, we need to FLOOD the GOP with as many Ron Paul supporters as we can possibly muster to have as much influence in one of the two major parties (the Republican Party) as we can, so DO IT TODAY!

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