Friday, April 11, 2008

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Delegation Update why we need keep building
By jtucker70 April 11, 2008

I have received alot email why I am stressing so much for everyone get a delegate position or alternate.
Well the primary’s are not over for one and McCain is just presumptive nominee. I cant stress that enough. Has of right now McCain only has 814 Delegates Bound to him on first ballot, only 364 Bound on second Ballot and 187 Bound to third ballot. There are about 156 more delegates in remaining primary’s.
I don’t know where MSM gets their numbers but they also show Ron Paul with only 14 delegates. Which is way incorrect. Has about 48 Bound Delegates and about 596 delegates been chossen for National Convention that say they are Ron Paul supporters.
Has we take over conventions we have big voice in National Convention and we could really win it their……Along the way putting in our platform.
And if we could force a fourth Ballot it would really say something that we have a voice. Its just hard for me to imagine that Ron Paul wins majority straw polls and big slide in CD14 and yet media spins he has no support.
I just want mention all those that say hey but people voted and they want McCain.
Rember alot the states Ron Paul did poor in allowed Dem’s and others to vote not to mention hacking of voting machines the changing of the rules after Ron Paul won LA. to give it to Huckabee/McCain.
I just think its so important that we try with all our efforts to be delegates and alternates and find the delegates and get them to vote our way and if we are a bound delegate option to be uncommitted so free vote whom ever also it was proposed to request to not pledge the delegates in Texas has just saying there no need since McCain is presumptive Nominee thats a another good position. Just doing anything to stop McCain getting 1191 votes.
Anyone wanting information on rules or application for national Delegate contact me at
Reference 2008 Presidential RNC Voting Results,RNC copy of all States Election rules delegation allotment’s.

James Tucker
Please repost to any media that get us going stronger


Jo Says: April 11th, 2008 at 3:55 pm
JAMES TUCKER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! I think you are right on everything, except there are more delegates still available than you mentioned. I will post a list of all the remaining states that there are and how many delegates each state has to it…

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