Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ron Paul ignores voters, plans to steal convention…

Posted by Timothy Watson on February 13, 2008
From Brian R. Gentry of the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee:

Fellow patriots, this battle is far from being over. In fact, it has just begun. Last night was nothing more than a “beauty pageant.” Getting delegates is what counts.
Yes, of course, If I only receive 22,673 votes out of 474,610 (4.77%) votes, I would call it a “beauty pageant” as well.
It’s amazing that he’s candid about how he feels about Republican voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Over the next couple of months local Republican Unit Committees around the state
will hold “canvasses” or “mass meetings” in order to elect delegates to attend
the Republican National Convention in September.
Each CD in Virginia is made up of various Republican Unit Committees. These committees will elect delegates to attend the district convention. At the district convention the delegates will select three delegates and three alternates to attend the September Republican National Convention in Minnesota.
We need to get as many Ron Paul supporters as we can to attend the Unit Committe [sic] meetings and vote for themselves and other Ron Paul supporters so they can attend the district convention — where we will then vote on our three Ron Paul supporters that paid the money to be a delegate to the national convention.
This is our chance to TAKE OVER the Republican Party in Virginia and return it to its core values and strict adherence to the Constitution.

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