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March 05, 2008
GOP Precinct Convention Packed with Ron Paul Truthers
Went to my first GOP precinct convention last night. I think I was one of 3 attendees who wasn't a dyed-in-the-wool Ron Paul truther.
Tried to talk some sense to them, but it was to no avail...
The precinct convention passed resolutions calling for a new round of congressional hearings on "the truth about September 11," an immediate end to our military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan (and everywhere else in the world) and abolition of the Federal Reserve.
They also elected a hardcore Ron Paul truther to be our precinct's delegate to the state convention.

No word yet on whether this was an isolated thing or a broader phenomenon.
Fun stuff...

From the comments section:

Similar thing happened in my area. (Gregg County Texas) When I got there, one lady saw me coming in and asked if I was there to caucus. She told me that there wasn't a Republican caucus in this location. I am glad I didn't listen to her, unfortunately others may have. When I got in, guess what, she was with a group of 5, very loud Paul supporters (three others of us were not Paul supporters).. they pretty much dominated the entire event and quickly voted one of their own as chair. That person pretty much moved everything to a quck vote, including a party resolution condemning the Iraq war, to stop the war on drugs, to eliminate the IRS, and to condemn the TTC (they didn't care Paul earmarked money for it.) It was a five minute waste of time. From what I've heard, other areas had the same issue. A couple of Paul supporters in each dominating the whole process. Luckily McCain has over 50% of the popular. Reading DailyPaul and RonPaulForums, they are trying to still win the nomination by stacking the conventions. They are acting like brownshirt leftists. They don't care that 95% of voters reject them, they somehow feel obligated to the nomination.MatthewN 03.05.08 - 10:36 am

wasn't isolated....except for the 911 stuff, we paul supporters TOOK over our precinct convention in austin....ended up passing a bunch of resolutions that are part of his standard, no acts of war without declaring war, etc.aaron 03.05.08 - 10:23 am

honestly, don't blame other ppl for your mistake. If you had taken more time to educate yourself about the process, you should have asked a campaign official who identify the precinct judge and asked that person directly about the precinct convention directly.btw, the answer you got was not false. There is no republican caucuse in texas. It is officially termed precinct convention by the laws of texas. Don't blame a truther for following the law.JR from Texas 03.05.08 - 11:48 am

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