Sunday, August 24, 2008

DVDs being sent to all roughly 4,600 Delegates and Alternates asking them to vote for Ron Paul!

UNBELIEVABLE! Unless you've been to this blog before - if so, you may have expected this kind of thing! These people are actually going to make a spectacle of our convention, which can only help the Obama/Biden ticket!

A delegate from Arkansas describes his recent delivery of the DVD like this:
Well, I got my Ron Paul DVD for Delegates in the mail today. If you have not heard about it, here is their site -

It comes it a well-produced very official looking case with the DVD called “On the Road to Minneapolis – Saint Paul: Republican National Convention.” It is packaged to look like it is from the RNC and contains “very important information for RNC Delegate and Alternatives.” So of course, I immediate popped this in my DVD player to watch. You have to watch for 20 minutes before you know it has anything to do with Ron Paul, although you get suspicion pretty quick. The first 20 minutes is a History Channel/Ken Burns like summary of the Conservative movement with focus on Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Then it goes into a 110 minutes of a propagandaish type of case of how Ron Paul is the best thing since Reagan and how we (GOP delegates) are irresponsible to not all vote for and nominate Ron Paul at the Convention in St. Paul.

Obviously, I think these attempts will be futile but it will be something to watch to see if the...

THESE PEOPLE ARE SERIOUS! Here are a few quotes from the website!
"Welcome to the National DVDs for Delegates Project
McCain is NOT an Automatic Nominee!"
"We Will Not Quit !"
"We Can Still Win the GOP Nomination - This Project Will Continue Through the End"
"Fact 1: The convention can still nominate Dr. Paul for the Presidency—even with the “Official Campaign Ending.”"
"But the Fact Remains: There is no law preventing his nomination at that convention, even with the campaign organization closing. We checked with our lawyers. Our chief lawyer was the actual Commissioner and Chair of the Federal Election Commission—he resigned in 2006, so it seems reasonable to trust their judgment on this question."
"Fact 2: There is no law requiring Delegates to vote for the candidate they are “bound” to."

This is something that the Alaska Ron Paul group had already done for their state convention.

The real shame of this is that Ron Paul should be stating loudly and clearly to these people that he does not approve of them using his name to bring ridicule to the party's convention. Does he not understand the point of having a party? Of course most of us did not get the candidate that we wanted, but it's time to act like adults and work with reality. If we don't coalesce behind Sen. McCain, at this point, then we are only helping the Obama/Biden ticket.

Here's another graphic from the site that claims that McCain still hasn't received enough delegates to win the nomination:

**UPDATE** Aug. 28, 5:00pm - A 2nd DVD sent out which includes a video from
This just in from a Tennessee Delegate:

"They've done it again.

Today I received another DVD, this time REALLY looking official, saying that it included "Convention Rules, Delegate Facts & Convention History, Your Responsibilities Explained, also Party Gatherings, Local Hot Spots & Platform Construction."

The first part was C-span's coverage of the construction at the Excel Center, then a segment from Wolfe Blitzer, then right into a video from

The cover really looked official, with high quality graphics.

I'm ticked."

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