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A selected posting on Daily Paul from Oklahoma's RJ Harris

Posted April 16th, 2008 by RJ Harris

We, the Oklahoma Ron Paul Meet-up Group Leaders, are currently in negotiations to have Ron Paul or one of his nationally recognized supporters attend our state convention!!! Please, make plans now to come the Republican Convention this May 3rd in Tulsa and help Ron Paul, and your fellow Oklahomans, make history! The Presidential and Vice Presidential nomination season of 2008 is not over yet…not by a long shot!

If you are an RP supporter in OK and a registered Republican then go to the Oklahoma Republican Party web site now and find out who your county Chair is and call that person today asking to be made a delegate to the state convention this May 2nd and 3rd. With your help we are going to take back this county one district at a time, one county at a time, and one state at a time. The following link will provide you with more information on the convention, on who your county chairperson is, and how to contact them so you can get on the delegate list for the State Convention. Additionally, this link will allow you to register for the convention once you have got yourself on the delegate list.

The following link will help you make accommodations if you want to stay in Tulsa overnight and participate in the Friday nights events as well. http://by108w.bay108.mail.../

If your county chair wont put you on the delegate list…register for the convention anyway! We will move then to suspend the rules if they try and continue some of the underhanded exclusionary tricks they have employed at the district conventions. Once we get past that vote we can move to include the delegates that the establishment republicans may have tried to disenfranchise.

Anyhow, we will be carpooling to Tulsa on Friday night and Saturday morning. If you leave Saturday morning you will have to leave by about 6:00 AM. If you leave on Friday night you may have to get a motel or stay with friends or family. We are currently working on getting Tulsa RP supporters to offer a spare bedroom or living room floor so people can throw down a sleeping bag.

If you need to carpool call Les White at 405-627-5488 or email him at and he will pair people together. Remember to tell him if you are wanting to leave Friday night and if you will need a place to stay that night or if you want to leave Saturday morning. There is no need to spend anymore money on gas than necessary.

In case you have been out of the political loop of late you will be excited to hear that Ron Paul supporters have been getting elected to delegate positions all over the country. “Why?” you may ask is this important to you? Because according to even the most basic government text book, presidential candidates have to be just as good turning out the delegates as they are at turning out the primary voters or else their chances of gaining their parties nomination are in jeopardy. In Oklahoma we have managed to take several national delegate seats and we still have the state convention yet to go with 46 more At-Large delegates still up for grabs. Oklahoma Ron Paul meet-up group members/organizers like Les White, Brady Wright, Ryan Underwood, Sandie Crosnoe, Kaye Beach and Myself have been fighting like lions to turn out Ron Paul supporters to various conventions for the purpose of winning delegate seats, getting true conservative resolutions back on the platform, and getting neo-con resolution items voted off of the platform.

When the Republican Party was born it only took two attempts to get our nominee (Abraham Lincoln) elected. Sadly, there were people at that time willing tear our country apart so that they could continue to benefit from the enslavement of others. Ironic that we, the Ron Paul Republicans, have figured out that the slave masters never left us and have returned under the standard of the modern banking system—only this time their goal is the enslavement of everyone, not just one race among us. However, we know today, just like President Lincoln did, that this country and our freedoms are still WORTH FIGHTING FOR…Freedom from debt slavery, freedom from tyranny of the majority, freedom from un-warranted surveillance of our private lives by the ruling class just to name a few.

As was the case in Lincolns day, the suppressors of liberty today are not going to give up of their own account; they also must be fought. Fought at the ballot box and on the internet and fought anywhere else a true patriot can find someone else willing to listen to the truth. The time for apathy and inaction is over, now is the time to fight in the arena of ideas for what you believe. Its time to for us to fight to change our local Republican Platform and to fight to get local Ron Paul candidates—like Les White district 45 (Norman)—elected. Its time to give your state and your country just one day in your life this May 3rd to vote for Ron Paul Delegates to the National Republican Convention.

It is not too late to get Congressman Ron Paul elected President (or Vice President since it is the delegates at the convention that pick the vice) Win or lose on the national stage this cycle, we can still certainly take back our local republican party from the neo-cons and then we will see that when the next election cycle comes around it will be Constitutional Ron Paul Republicans who are chairing all the Republican Committees in Oklahoma and picking all the candidates for local, state, and federal positions! Its time to throw out the liberal republicans (rhinos) that have ruined the Party of Lincoln. It is time to take your place in the line of patriots stretching back to the founders and help SAVE THE REPUBLIC!


RJ Harris
Norman Meet-Up Assistant Organizer

PS Don't forget that in many states if you can take over the party majority, you may be able to vote to unbind your delegates!

PSS Remember also that the National Convention Delegates must approve the presumptive nominee's choice for Vice President. If we get enough delegates to the convention we can have a real voice on this important issue.

PSSS check out this video WARNING there is one obscene word in the audio but please listen anyway because if it does not motivate you to take the torch of liberty being offered to you and to help win back your freedom…I don’t know what else will.

PSSSS If you are a Ron Paul campaign official, or the man himself, please come, or send one of your trusted supporters, to this convention. I know Brady Wright and or Kirk Shelly is already talking to you about this and if he has not already said it; I will. We are an inch away from wining this state for you, won’t you help us get that last inch?

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