Friday, May 2, 2008

Daily Paul Post pushing for marijuana

Blogmaster: For those who don't know, 420 is 4:20, time for everyone to smoke marijuana every day- drug culture terminology.

Is 420 more important day than Independence Day?
Posted April 17th, 2008
by m3talsmith

I suggest that 420 is. Why? In order to celebrate 420 properly you would have to take steps that some states, and the whole of the federal government, see as illegal, Yet, it is a free choice which harms no one other than perhaps yourself (depending on who you listen to). What better way to celebrate our independence against tyranny than to assert our independence this weekend against the current tyranny we are facing.

That could be said for all days where we can act against tyranny's vile attempts to harm us. But 420 is near, and it's a stand against one of the vilest attempts yet! One which puts millions of americans in jail a year for no other reason than because the tyrants can.

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