Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oklahoma Ron Paul Supporters and Republican Vice-Chair Called Out by a Huckabee Grassroots Leader

It was brought to the attention of the management of the Ron Paul Exposed blog that an e-mail has been circulating with the following message. Ron Paul Exposed contacted and interviewed the originator of the e-mail, Oklahoman, Mike Ford. He told us that he has received many contacts from Ron Paul supporters condemning his action, but stands by his statements. He made comparison to actions they've proposed to, "...if Huckabee supporters inserted color photos of mutilated fetuses into the bags of candidate info without asking permission from the County GOP office; perhaps their intentions and causes were good, but it's just not proper to do that - in fact it's way out of line." He also stated that he believes that the refusal of Precinct Captains to put the 'Get Out The Vote' packets in the hands of the voters in their precincts should be grounds for their removal from those positions. Ron Paul Exposed blog agrees with Mr. Ford on these points.

The e-mail:

Ron Paul Radicals At It Again In OKlahoma

I have received word from sources within the OKGOP that the radical fringe of the Ron Paul campaign are deliberately sabotaging our Republican Get Out The Vote program.
According to one source, some of those who seized vacant GOP precinct chairs are deliberately not cooperating with Party leadership, and refusing to distribute GOP materials to voters in their precinct. All Republican precinct chairmen have an obligation to coordinate with the Republican Party and support the GOTV strategy to support GOP candidates.
Another source reports that one Ron Paul state coordinator has requested via email ( )that all of their chairmen should pick these packets up, and it is likely they will send volunteers by the GOP offices to pick up boxes that need to go out and offer to distribute them. Unfortunately, the agenda is dishonest, as they are not intending to help the GOP. Instead, in a mass email to Paul supporters, he points out the advantages to gaining these voter lists (with addresses and phone numbers), maps and info bags.

"The walking list will come in handy later, and the packets can have fliers added about the bailouts, the N.A.U., or whatever issue you want to get the word out about. We have several flyers for all kinds of issues that you can add to your packet to use this opportunity to spread truth in your neighborhood, so if you need one, just reply to this email and ask. If you are a Precinct Chair, Vice Chair, or Secretary please make sure you attend this meeting!"
-Ryan Underwood
Tulsa Area Republicans Restoring the Republic

These materials are property of the Oklahoma Republican Party, and obtaining them along with private voter information under false pretenses is a sign of poor character. This behavior does not represent the attributes of a true conservative, and I can almost be certain that Ron Paul and the majority of his associates would object with us.
I am calling on all Precinct Chairmen, members of the Executive Committee and State Chairman Gary Jones to condemn this action with me and demand that these materials be returned, followed by the resignation of ALL GOP Precinct Chairmen who have acquired their positions for their own non-Republican political agendas.
I also ask that any of you who are associated with, or are close to, these individuals, to contact these individuals and convince them to act responsibly and ethically.
Finally, I would like to thank Stae Vice Chairwoman Cheryl Williams for opening up this Pandora's box! Some of the same radicals that you appointed to GOP committees and displayed favoritism to, regardless of the fact that many of us objected, may now cost us the majority in the Oklahoma House and Senate.
Mike Ford
Precinct Chairman 406 - Bixby

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